Bipolar Disorder in Children

If your child has bipolar disorder, you have to take it really seriously because it can affect their entire life if you don’t do anything. Most parents are not prepared to see the signs of this disorder and because of that a lot of them don’t even know their children have bipolar disorder. In this article, we wanted to give you some pointers that will help you see these early signs of this horrible disorder. We made a short list of some of the most common signs that you can see in the behavior of your child.

Manic Symptoms

Severe mood changes are one of the first signs that a parent can see because it is very obvious. Your child will be happy one second and the other it will just be the complete opposite and start being angry at everyone around him/her. Some young teens will feel like they are indestructible, meaning that they have a very high self-esteem which is very unusual for young teens. Another great sign that you as a parent should be able to pick up easily is that your child will never be exhausted even when they get just a few hours of sleep.

Manic SymptomsHaving a high energy level and sleeping just a few hours per day is a clear indicator of a bipolar disorder and you should definitely take preventive actions. Some parents will think that it is normal that their children have a lot of energy, but in reality, it can be really dangerous because they might not feel tired, but their body will, which can lead to them collapsing. Sleep is very important for children because their bodies are still developing, and they need that time to rest their muscles.

Depressive Symptoms

Other than those previously mentioned manic symptoms, there can be some depressive symptoms, that can point to bipolar disorder. You have to keep in mind that any of these symptoms can indicate that your child has bipolar disorder and that’s why you need to take preventive actions on time. The first depressive symptom would be frequent crying and sadness. Of course, you as a parent can easily see this sign and ignore it is a huge mistake. If your child starts crying out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, then you should know that there is a mental problem that needs to be fixed.

Depressive SymptomsWhen children are sad and depressed, most of the time they will refuse to make any new friends or even play with other children. If you see that your child isn’t playing or interacting with other children their age, then you should be alerted. Taking your child to some therapy might just be the right solution.